i remember now

it was raining hard, that day
the pavements were wet
and it was cold

I saw you walking, shivering
walking down across the road
bitting your lips asking for heat

you were wearing faded black jeans
in old roshe nike shoe 
you once told me its your favourite

i was under red grant roof which used to be our coffee shop
you were heading my way 
step by step, closer

i want to run, but i want to see
the person 
that i used to love

as you walked past me
you stop
turning around and see the clearer view of me

i was nervous
i dont know what to do
should i say hi

But then, you smiled at me,
and everything felt familiar
like I belonged to that place, right across you

But everything became blur afterwards
I remember now
It was long ago, since i lost you


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